Shame on me

Ball Park

A few months ago I went to New York City, and you know what i forgot to eat? A hotdog from a hotdog cart!!  My sister almost blew a fuse when she found out [if it were up to her she would go there just to eat!]  So when I got to the cinema today and literally walked into an [ok, not so] authentic NYC hotdog cart…I just couldn’t resist.  If you think walking into a movie theatre with a jumbo popcorn and coke is awesome…try walking in while biting into a perfectly striped hotdog, with complementary ketchup and mustard running down your hand.  Attractive? Not so much.  Satisfying? You wouldn’t believe it! So after a 2 hour something long movie, and a hotdog followed by [can I just have a “taste” of your] nachos and popcorn, I can party-in-my-tummy say…


One thought on “Shame on me

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