Soft and Chewy Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

DSCN9413I am not a sweet tooth.  If you sat me down in front of a slice of cake and a plate of raw vegetables, I would almost always reach straight for the veggies.  But I have a dirty little secret.

In honor of St Valentine’s Day, we thought we would make something that not only we love, but so does pretty much everyone else in the world, guaranteed.  One of our followers actually requested these heavenly treats a while back so we thought, even though every day is the right day to make chocolate chip cookies, Valentine’s Day is just perfect.

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Beautiful Blogger Award!

First of all, apologies to our followers for our recent absence.  Due to busy work schedules, we were unable to spend time cooking and posting new recipes.  But what better way to get over the famous ‘guilty blogger feeling’ than to open your email and find an award waiting for you!  Silvia, author extraordinaire of Zenzero e Cannella, nominated Quattromani for the Beautiful Blogger Award.
Thanks Silvia!

Now let’s take a look at the Beautiful Blogger Award rules:
1.  Copy and paste the Beautiful Blogger Award in your post
2.  Thank the blogger who nominated you and create a link to his/her blog
3.  Reveal 7 facts about yourself
4.  Nominate 7 blogs that you think deserve the Beautiful Blogger Award and let them know by leaving a comment.

7 things to know about us:
1.  We are sisters
2.  We are two food obsessed 20-somethings
3.  I try to convince my sister to cook Asian food all the time, but she is (understandably) fixated with Italian food!
4.  We have an ongoing debate over which city is the best: Paris or New York..
5.  We have our own little vegetable and herb gardens
6.  We have two cats, and we let them taste (almost) everything we make
7.  Our ultimate dream is to start our own food business!!

And here are our nominations for the Beautiful Blogger Award:
1.  Zenzero e Cannella

2.  The Craving Chronicles
3.  Not Without Salt
4.  Spicy Ice Cream
5.  Zen Can Cook 
6.  Juls’ Kitchen 
7.  Gluten-Free Goddess

If only we could turn this into a full time job, we would probably have to convert our entire house into an enormous kitchen…but sadly for now it can only be our downtime hobby so keep following and we’ll make sure to update as often as possible.


Freshly Baked Cornetti

ImageThere’s nothing like living in the eternal city.   It’s a perfect combination between the city that never sleeps and the city of romance, but with that touch of magic somewhere in the middle.   Walk by the Colosseum by day and it’s like stepping onto the set of the Gladiator.  Walk by it at night with your special someone and love feels like it will last forever.   At least that’s how I feel.

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