Freshly Baked Cornetti

ImageThere’s nothing like living in the eternal city.   It’s a perfect combination between the city that never sleeps and the city of romance, but with that touch of magic somewhere in the middle.   Walk by the Colosseum by day and it’s like stepping onto the set of the Gladiator.  Walk by it at night with your special someone and love feels like it will last forever.   At least that’s how I feel.

Sometimes I stop and look out over the Imperial forum, I shut out everything and everyone around me, and I try to imagine what it was like to live 30 feet below.  The emperors’ palace, the ladies in waiting, the Roman soldiers in their horse drawn carriages.   The cobblestones that line our streets to this day have a way of reflecting both the sunlight and the moonlight, not only giving Rome that magical glow, but bringing each and every stone to life, telling a story about someone who once walked there.  When I’m looking down into what used to be, I feel like I was there.Image

ImageFor centuries Romans have always had a preferred – shall we say ‘stylish’ – mode of transportation.  I already mentioned the horse-drawn carriages, but fast forward a few centuries and meet the timeless Fiat 500.  Of course, today, say “cinquecento” and think “cute as a button, popular city car”.  But, I’m telling you, the original Fiat 500 is beyond compare.

So here’s something pretty neat.  There’s a new man in town, and he comes in many colors.   Ever dream of driving down the streets of Rome in a classic, old school, coral red 500? Or ladies, how about celebrating your hen night popping a champagne bottle out of a vintage, pink convertible?  Head down to the center of Rome at one of the Rome 500 Experience pit stops.  Rome 500 Exp offers you private rentals or guided tours around the historic center of the city.   When in Rome drive as the Romans do.  And coming from a hopeless foodie, here’s a suggestion: why not eat as the Romans do, too!  If you are out and about in your 500s at 4 a.m., follow the local youth.  They’ll take you straight to a batch of freshly baked cornetti (plain, or filled with Nutella) ready to be served for breakfast to the early – and not so early – risers later in the morning.   That is, if there are any left.   There’s nothing like living in the eternal city.


Since this was our first attempt, we followed the recipe from a fellow blogger.  We’ll soon come up with our own version and post the new and improved Quattromani recipe.   The recipe for croissants is a complicated one.  But for the daredevils out there, this recipe has great pictures to help you step by step.

2 thoughts on “Freshly Baked Cornetti

  1. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for the wonderful publicity for rome500exp.
    and keep up with your new blog too, great fun – haven’t yet made the things you suggested bit will keep them in mind when I next start baking.
    Saluti cordialissimi,

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