Wine, Cheese and Fondue party

ImageFamily is a wonderful thing. Especially when they bring you things!

Our aunt and uncle (the same ones who have the pomegranate trees), live up in the mountainous north of Italy during the winter months of the year, in one of the many valleys of the Dolomites.  But when the snow starts melting and the flowers start blooming, they pack up their car and drive back down to Rome, which could not be any more beautiful than it is in the Spring!

This year they filled their car with some of our favorite things.  I admit I am a bit of a Rome snob (ie. someone who thinks Rome is the best city in the world!!), but I have to admit, the north of Italy has some pretty special delicacies.  In particular, their cheeses and salami are to die for.  And they have more then one type!  The other thing they brought us, because whenever we visit that is all we ever want to eat, is the amazing radicchio trevigiano.  And they brought us a whole case-full!  Radicchio is a vegetable, part of the chicory family, commonly used as a salad green, with red and white streaked leaves.  If you’ve eaten radicchio before, you’ll know that it has a rather bitter aftertaste.  However, the radicchio that grows in the north is almost sweet, and works wonders as a salad, either mixed or completely on its own.  Absolutely fantastic.

So anyway, with all this cheeses and salami and veggies, we thought “let’s have a wine and cheese party!”.

Take a look at what we served…





And we finished it off with apple cinnamon muffins and chocolate fondue for dessert (because we just bought the whole set and we love it!)!!





Here’s a nice little view of the table…Needless to say, we ate A LOT!


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