What we eat in Italy on Easter Sunday


I recently wrote an article for Eating Italy Food Tours that explains the wide range of culinary traditions that exist here in Italy, in particular during the Lent and Easter period.  Some might seem odd, like having salami, cheese and red wine for breakfast, but others are classic and delicious!!  So after writing such a mouth-watering article, yesterday was finally our time to eat all that amazing food!

Like every year for Easter, off we went to the country side to spend it with our famous aunt and uncle (the ones who like to fill us with food-related presents every time we meet!).  We usually have our easter breakfast at home and then head over for lunch, but this year we decided to go the whole nine yards over on their side of town.  Needless to say, the amount of food we found waiting for us was overwhelming, to say the least! To start, we had endless amounts of salami, to go with the pizza al formaggio (a cheese flavored bread loaf).  But the one my uncle buys is not just any cheese bread.  It’s an artisanal bread filled with little salami nuggets and bits of pecorino cheese scattered throughout.  Absolutely divine (and even better leftover and toasted on the grill)! Image

For lunch, we started with an array of appetizers, including various kinds of olives, more cheese bread, little vegetable and sausage rolls (rusticini), salami, prosciutto, mozzarella…should I keep going? All I’m going to say is that after only the appetizers, I was forced to remove my belt!!

DSCN9683-2After that we moved on to the mains and sides.  Tuscan-style rabbit (stuffed with wild fennel) gorgeously roasted in a wood-fired stove and my aunt’s famous slow cooked carciofi alla romana (artichockes stuffed with garlic and mint leaves), both with a side of potatoes!  While we ate those, we had our lamb ribs (costolette scottadito) and bruschetta (topped with diced tomatoes marinated overnight in fresh garlic and olive oil) grilling on the barbeque.  Straight up, no break in between! And to wash it all down, bottles and bottles of our aunt and uncle’s homemade wine.



After that there was no way we could take another bite of anything without going for a stroll in the garden.  Especially because the sun had finally pushed its way through the clouds!!



Dulcis in fundo, out came the cherry and chocolate crostata, the traditional colomba (a dove shaped cake coated in almonds and sugar crystals), the mini chocolate easter eggs, and just so we could pretend to be healthy for five minutes, we made beautiful pineapple swans!!  All in all a pretty good meal, don’t you think?


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