Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Spring Salad

photo-2In my family, we’re all big salad eaters.  Mainly because we’re pretty much always on a diet and working our bums off at the gym everyday. Sure, we do tend to use the word ‘diet’ quite loosely (take for example, the pancakes floating in maple syrup I just had for dinner)! But we do try.

We started by planting about 8 million plants of salad in our vegetable garden a few years ago, which meant that, unless we wanted to constantly throw it away, we had to eat it as it grew.   But as I said, that’s never been a problem for us ’cause we just love it.

photo1-2Over the years, with our ‘diet’ obsession and our mountains of salad, we certainly perfected the art of creative salads.  Summer salads are the best because they’re fresh, easy to throw together, and look colorful and delicious.  I’ll make sure to keep the ‘salad’ theme going throughout the upcoming summer as we really have tons of great recipes under our sleeve!


We came up with this great looking dish the other day after a great workout session at the gym.  No point in wasting all that effort by eating something that we would later regret.  So we quickly grilled some chicken, chopped up all the fresh vegetables we had stored in the fridge, and shaved some seasoned parmesan over the top.  Add to that a drizzle of a delicious vinaigrette and there you have the perfect spring, post-workout salad! Enjoy!

Chicken steaks
Salad leaves (whichever type of salad you prefer)
Rocket leaves
Parmesan (for shavings on top)
Extra virgin olive oil
White wine vinegar
Salt & Pepper

Grill the chicken steaks and slice them into thin strips.  Cut up the vegetables the way you like them.  Mix the lot and shave some parmesan on the top.

On the side, prepare the vinaigrette.  The secret to making it creamy and perfectly mixed (to avoid the oil and vinegar splitting) is to start with vinegar, add salt and pepper, and the mustard and mix well.  Then you add the olive oil last, and mix quickly until you reach a creamy consistency.  The amounts needed for this vinaigrette obviously depend on how much salad you need to dress, and also on whether you want it tasting more or less of vinegar, or more or less of mustard.  It’s all up to your palate.

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