The Parisian Dream: Bread, Cheese & Wine

photo 3
Back in 2005, I lived in Paris’ world-famous 5th arrondissement, commonly known as Le Quartier Latin. One side of my incredibly parisien apartment overlooked the elegant St. Etienne du Mont church and the white marble Pantheon. The other had a view of the sloping rue de la Montagne Ste Genevieve, a Parisian street that hasn’t changed much since the Middle Ages, whose quiet and subtle presence is broken only by the weekend nighttime crowds.

Now, every time I visit Paris, I take my daily stroll down memory lane. I walk to the Maubert-Mutualité metro stop and head over to rue Monge where I visit the best boulagerie in town, Maison Kayser and, after a good deal of drooling over the most incredible looking (and tasting) pastries, ask for their baguette tradition, with its pointed ends and crispy texture.

photo 5With my bread under my arm (stereotypically French, but oh so true), I then head over to the fromagerie in the Maubert-Mutualité square where Mr. Laurent Dubois, cheese affineur, ages the most incredible Compté, or brebis from the Pyrenees.

If you’re feeling adventurous, I dare you to head down to the cave below the shop, where Laurent comes up with creations such as Roquefort layered with quince paste or Camembert stuffed with Mascarpone and Calvados-macerated apples (which makes for an unusual but mind-blowing dessert!)

So here I am, with my crusty baguette and creamy smelly cheese. There’s only one thing missing: YES, wine. I just so happen to have a bottle of Côtes du Toul rosé wine chilling in my fridge…perfect! What I love about rosé wine? How its refreshing, light and crisp flavor and texture cuts through the deep creaminess of the cheese.

Love, Marta

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