Wines of the Veneto in NYC

So remember back in October when I was getting ready to relocate to New York City…? Well, I have now been living here for 4 months and I can tell you this city is INSANE! The people, the places, the atmosphere is just fizzing with excitement. Speaking of fizzy, here in NY I have been working for a PR agency specializing in Food&Wine (doesn’t get better than this!) and I am becoming quite the connoisseur, if I may. I get to taste some incredible wines and attend great events!

My latest outing was for an evening class at Eataly’s La Scuola for a dinner dedicated to Prosecco wines! Seven bubblies to pair with a delicious 3-course meal to warm this chilly Friday night. The class is part of Eataly’s month of December dedicated to the Wines of the Veneto, promoted by U.Vi.Ve., the Union of Consortia for DOC wines from Italy’s number one wine-producing region.

photo 6-2

I discovered some fascinating things about this Sparkling wine. The Prosecco grape can be traced back to the Roman times and is one of the oldest grapes in Italian history. Prosecco grapes are transformed into sparkling wine using the Charmat method in which stainless steel tanks and yeast are used to produce a natural second fermentation. This method allows Prosecco to preserve its original flavors and perfumes longer. Prosecco is traditionally a dry wine with hints of apple and citrus, and can be paired with just about anything, from aperitivo to dessert.

As we walk into Eataly’s class-style room, I am served a first flute of Mionetto and Villa Sandi Prosecco, that I enjoy with the homemade bread and fragrant olive oil waiting for me at the table.

photo 1-2

We are then served our first course, polenta fritta e crema di baccalà (fried polenta with salted cod purée). This dish was paired with a light Zardetto and a Bosco Malera DOC, which perfectly balanced the fried polenta, with the added richness of mascarpone cheese, and the creaminess of the salted cod purée.

photo 2-2

The next course was a radicchio risotto paired with a Le Canelle Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg and Le Colture Docg. Photo. A D.o.c.g, Donominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita, is the most prestigious category of Italian wine and you will only find 40 D.o.c.g wines in Italy.

photo 3-2

Dessert was exactly what I was craving. Warm pandoro (a regional version of panettone) with fior di latte icecream and a pistachio brittle.

photo 4-2

The wine paired with this dish, a Valdellovo Prosecco Superiore docg, was extra special because the producer was there to talk to us about their wine.

photo 5-2

It was the perfect closing to an incredible dinner showcasing prime examples of Prosecco wines from the Veneto!

How did you spend your Friday night?

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