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Hi! My name is Dalila and ever since I was little I’ve wanted to be a writer.  I used to write mystery short stories when I was 11, started on the school newspaper at 16, and the last thing I remember writing for the pure fun of it was my senior yearbook blurb (you know, that page in your yearbook that you get to fill with embarrassing baby pictures and inside jokes to your friends which you will one day read again and think, “oh, dear”).  I guess once I started college that dream of mine sort of got lost somewhere along the way and, between writing business plans and political agendas, I forgot how much I loved to just write- mind babble I suppose would be a good word for it, which people could read and either think, “haha! Yeah, she’s good” or “uh oh, don’t quit your day job!”  Having said that, I genuinely hope you’re already enjoying reading this as much as I am writing it.

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 11.02.49 PM

I’ve always had a tough time figuring out how to start my stories, or my articles, or even my college essays to tell you the truth, so I thought I would start with a little introduction.  I’m 23 years old, a little bit crazy, and I have two great passions: writing and food (as you can probably tell from the pictures, I somehow manage to always be eating and/or drinking something!).  It wasn’t very long ago when my mom and my sister dropped me off at college and I was left to fend for myself for the very first time in my life.   And in the midst of all of that, like a true Italian, you know what my first thought was? “What am I going to eat!!” (did I mention that I went to college in England!) Eventually I learned the basics (and more), and I managed to survive on more than pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese (which, by the way, remains one of my favorite dishes of all time), but I still remember when a normal, everyday conversation between my mother and I went something like this: “Hey Mom? So I got the tomatoes, I got the garlic and I got the oil. Now what?”

Fast-forward five years and here I am, starting my very own food blog. Nervous? Extremely. Excited? Super! Oh, and did I mention that I’m an Italian-American who currently lives in Rome?  You’ll understand the importance of this soon enough.  Before I leave you I think I should warn you that this is not your typical cooking blog, where I cook and I write about it.  I’ve started this blog for a specific reason, but you’ll have to keep following to find out why.  So I guess I only have two more things to say to you…

Happy Reading and Happy Cooking!!

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