Pomegranate Cocktails

DSCN8485-2-2Like every year, a few days before Christmas we visit our aunt and uncle in the countryside. It’s kind of a yearly ritual. They don’t spend Christmas in Rome, so we have our own Christmas meal before they leave for the mountains. Now, Christmas or no Christmas, every time we visit them, we end up leaving with a car so full of everything they could possibly give us that there’s barely room for whoever’s last to call “shotgun”! This time round, it just so happened that their pomegranate tree needed picking. And since they were leaving – AND they hate pomegranates – they decided to generously donate them all to us! We now literally have pomegranates everywhere. Some were immediately eaten by me, we used some as decorations, and yet we still had a ton of pomegranates to consume. And so we had an idea.

Whether you have a pomegranate tree that needs to be picked, or you just so happen to find some juicy looking pomegranates while doing some food shopping, here’s an idea you can use for any type of occasion.

Open your pomegranate and remove all the seeds, trying to avoid as much of the surrounding white skin as possible. Now that you have all your seeds separated, you can find various ways of squeezing the juice out of them. We just so happen to own an old-school juicer; one of those machines our grandparents used to use to squeeze the juice out of mirto berries, which they would then combine with pure alcohol, to make the famous Italian Mirto! Continue reading