Meet the Chef


Remember when I said I was going to start a food blog? I wasn’t lying.  I also warned you it wouldn’t be your usual food blog. Here’s why. Yes, I love, love, LOVE to cook, and I am literally obsessed with everything food-related, but there is someone in my family who just so happens to love it way more than I do. Meet my sister, Marta.

So there’s the secret twist in this blog. It’s a two-woman job. Don’t tell her this, but I’m actually ecstatic! Why, you ask? Well it’s really simple…I get to brainstorm about recipes, flip through amazing, drool-worthy cookbooks, get flour (not too much, please) on my face, have crazy amounts of fun and then write about it. And she? Well, she gets to do all that too, and then she gets to stand in front of the stove for hours on end! Ok so for her that’s the greatest part…seeing her creations simmer, rise and set. I say, WIN-WIN!!

Rewind a few years, make that ten, and let me tell you how it all started.  In 2004, Marta moved to Paris to study conference interpreting.  It was the biggest adventure of her life.  At 17, that can be expected.  Lucky for her (and for us, who got to go and visit her all the time), she moved into the beautiful 5th arrondissement, more commonly known as “Le Quartier Latin”.  But for her, the view of the Pantheon from her bedroom window wasn’t the best part.  Only a few streets away were some of the most fantastiques boulangeries you could imagine.  And if she didn’t answer her doorbell, that’s exactly where you would find her.  Drooling over these mouth-watering pastries, beautifully displayed in the windows, surrounded by freshly baked baguettes and all sorts of desserts.  And that, my friends, would make any one of you want to become a famous pastry chef!

When she moved back to Rome she spent hours on end zapping through every cooking channel there was on TV, watching meats being seared, fish being pan-fried, and upside-down cakes being gently flipped.  She tested millions of recipes, flipped through every single page of all of her cookbooks and perfected her techniques.  And when she could no longer resist, she flew back to Paris and signed up for the course of her dreams: the Ritz Escoffier, a course in the five-star Ritz Hotel kitchens, led by world-renowned chefs.


Cooking is her happy place, where she can always go and do whatever she likes. No rules, no restrictions. Except for baking. When you bake you have to follow every-little-detail…and she never lets you forget it!!!! So for this blog, I’ll do the blogging, and she’ll do the cooking.  To each what they do best!

Happy Cooking!


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