Quattromani Divides and Conquers!


Hear Hear! There’s something brewing in the Quattromani pot.  And here’s a hint for you: we’re changing our look.  Any guesses as to why? Remember in the ‘About Me’ section when I mentioned we were Italian Americans, and said

you’d find out the importance of that at some point?  Well, 10 months later, here’s the mystery solved.

As the Romans once wisely said, “divide et impera!”.  Divide and Conquer!  We thought it was time we sent two of our hands to check out what’s cooking on the other side of the pond.


So here’s how it’s going to work.  While I, Dalila, stay here in Rome working with the Rated #1 Food Tour Company in Rome, Eating Italy Food Tours, Marta is slowly but surely making her way across the pond.  First stop, Paris for a few days.  Say ‘au revoir’ to some good friends and some great memories.  Final stop, New York Citaaaay!! The Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps, and home of Colangelo & Partners Public Relations.  Who knew, when we started this bog for fun, that less than a year later we would both be working in the food business and chasing our dreams one step at a time.

Back to the blog. While our original mission was to cook up, photograph and present to you the most mouthwatering and delicious dishes of our two favorite cuisines, Quattromani is now going to tell the story of two sisters, divided by an ocean, but held together by their love for everything edible, photographing and sharing all our foodie experiences, with each other and with all of you, one hot dog at a time! I can’t wait to start.

Keep following if you’re as curious as I am!

Happy Eating! 


Wine, Cheese and Fondue party

ImageFamily is a wonderful thing. Especially when they bring you things!

Our aunt and uncle (the same ones who have the pomegranate trees), live up in the mountainous north of Italy during the winter months of the year, in one of the many valleys of the Dolomites.  But when the snow starts melting and the flowers start blooming, they pack up their car and drive back down to Rome, which could not be any more beautiful than it is in the Spring!
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Freshly Baked Cornetti

ImageThere’s nothing like living in the eternal city.   It’s a perfect combination between the city that never sleeps and the city of romance, but with that touch of magic somewhere in the middle.   Walk by the Colosseum by day and it’s like stepping onto the set of the Gladiator.  Walk by it at night with your special someone and love feels like it will last forever.   At least that’s how I feel.

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Carnival’s Greatest Treat: Frappe & Castagnole

ImageWe may still be a good few days away, but Carnival is already among us!!  And what a great holiday it is!  All around the world, floods of colorful masks and costumes come out into the streets and parade festively until the day of Lent, traditionally a time of fasting and reflection.   In Italy, we have one of the voted best festivals in the world, in the beautiful city of Venice. Milllions of people come together from all over the globe to take part in these celebrations! And since we’re Italian, you don’t really think we would forget about the food factor, would you? During carnival, Italians will eat, at any time of the day, unlimited quantities of what we in Rome call frappe and castagnole.  Across the peninsula you will find they have different names, but regardless of what anybody calls them, there is just nothing like them.  And the best thing is that you can literally find them everywhere!! Continue reading