The Real Italian Lasagna

DSCN8879-2This might sound funny but, while I still sometimes need to stop and think how long a hard-boiled egg needs to be boiled for, I could literally make lasagna in my sleep.  Sauce, pasta, sauce, cheese, pasta, sauce, cheese, pasta, sauce, cheese…yep, it’s that simple! Sure, you have to actually make the sauce before you can spread it over the pasta and under the cheese, but I promise, anyone can do it! Like most mouth-watering Italian dishes that seem way too incredibly delicious for any normal being to recreate them, well, it is!

I’ve lived in four different cities and three different countries, and in each one of them I was also known as “The Lasagna Queen”. Great nickname, right? Not!  So since this morning I woke up with an overtaking desire to make lasagna, I guess the time has come for me to pass on my super secret lasagna recipe…and my nickname too!

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Pan-roasted Salmon with Sicilian Broccoli and Anchovy-Rosemary Sauce

DSCN8802-2With the holidays in the way, and all the “only-on-Christmas” food we’ve been consuming lately, we forgot just how much we love our salmon.  Yes, we have posted on salmon before, but that was almost a month ago, so I’m pretty sure the blog etiquette will allow it!  Today, after our morning workout and gardening session, we thought we would give our freshly-worked muscles an extra boost with a nice little protein filled dish…with veggies on the side, of course!

I’ve already told you how much we love to cook, but what I haven’t told you is that there is something [or someone] that we love even more.  Say hello to Jamie Oliver.  While I was learning to cook [and while my sister was trying to brainwash me into becoming a foodie -at which she succeeded in every way, shape and form-] the one question that was most often heard flying around the house without a shadow of a doubt was, “how did Jamie do it?” And that wasn’t a hard one to answer either, seeing as we own pretty much every cookbook he has published…ever!  Wife and kids aside, the fact that he is young, attractive, British, oh! and literally obsessed with Italian food has inevitably made us love him even more! We’ve seen him cook on his cooking shows, we’ve watched him take over on MasterChef Australia (of course!!) just by entering the room, and we’ve tried cooking an innumerable amount of his recipes.

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